Рубрика: Events

  • Mapping at INTERVALS 2023 Festival

    On the last weekend of summer, the INTERVALS 2023 festival was held in Nizhny Novgorod. Many viewers came to Nizhny Novgorod from other cities. In just three festival days, 150,000 people passed through the venues. At this festival there was my mapping on the facade of the puppet theater. footage from the show

  • AniMaji Fest and Fulldome Art House

    On August 24, the animation festival AniMaji Fest will begin in New York. My film «Koliskova» will also be shown there 🙂 And on September 29, the same film will be shown in Tokyo on the dome as part of the «Fulldome Art House» program.

  • Laureate of the «Reflection of the Universe» festival

    The short full-dome film «Dreams about Space» became the laureates of the «Reflection of the Universe» festival, held at the Yaroslavl Planetarium: «The best short creative program for a planetarium with full-dome visualization»

  • Neuroinstallation at a concert in the 16 Tons club on Arbat

    Yesterday, we performed a neuroinstallation at a concert in the 16 Tons club on Arbat. In this video, you can see me behind the console in the control room (with a strange look 🙂 and the interface of my visualization system on the touchdesigner, the one that visualizes the music.

  • Concert

    I tried out generative music graphics at a live concert.The experiment was successful 🙂 Piano: Diana KilessoCello: Anya KravetsNeurogeneration: Me 🙂

  • The film «Lullaby», created with the help of neural networks, has won an award at the International Festival of Scientific Visualization in Tokyo.