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  • Dome Fest West 2024

    More than a year ago, I made a dome film for planetariums-a lullaby. Natalia Faustova sings there, and the whole video sequence was made by me. I think this is the first dome film made using neural networks 🙂 Almost immediately after its release, the film won a prize at the festival in Tokyo. Then he…

  • Dress Design

    Another idea that has been implemented. Make drawings on patterns, and thus create a dress. The tailoring of the dress was realized by Anastasia Nadezhdina. And I did all the graphics. Before sewing, I visualized the board to see what would happen in the end. I really liked the process and what happened. Well, a…

  • A book for Taya

    Another creative project that I want to talk about.Recently, we made a very personal gift for Tai, the daughter of my friend Polina. We decided to create our own fairy tale book for Tai, where she would be the main character! We wrote the text of the fairy tale together with Polina. It turned out…

  • Calendar 2024

    So the calendar is ready 🙂Lately I’ve somehow got carried away with stained glass windows, so the calendar turned out to be stained glass 🙂 There is a variant with Russian names of months, and a variant with English. There are pages from both 🙂 The drawings in both are the same, only the language…

  • Fulldome Art House

    Last Friday, the Fulldome Art House was held in Tokyo under the Galaxcity dome. My Lullaby was also shown there 🙂 In the video, she is literally in the first frames 🙂

  • Poster

    I’m finishing work on a new neural network film for the planetarium Here’s the poster I made.

  • An article about the method of visualizing music using neural networks.

    My blog has published an article about a method of visualizing music using neural networks.

  • SnarkDream Machine

    Today, I want to introduce a project that combines music, media, and artificial intelligence. We use a neural network to create visualizations from melodies that are created by visitors. This visualization is then projected onto a wall for viewers to experience a unique visual experience. In the exhibition space, there will be a synthesizer or…

  • Generative graphics using neural networks

    A technology has been created for visualizing music using neural networks in real time.

  • VR -версия Колисковой

    VR -версия Колисковой. Можно поворачивать и смотреть в разные стороны